Vitreoretinal Treatment

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Common Diagnostic Tests

Color Fundus Photography

It is diagnostic equipment used to photograph the fundus, the inner part of the retina, for precise diagnosis of the eyes.

Fluorescein Angiography (FFA)-Spectralis HRA System

It is a medical device used to image the blood vessels in the retina. A fluorescein dye injection is injected into the vein in the arm. Within a few seconds, the dye gets circulated throughout the entire body, including the blood vessels in the eyes. Our ophthalmologist prescribes this Vitreo Retina diagnostic procedure for examining macular edema, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration.

Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography (SD-OCT)- Spectralis

It is a retinal eye diagnostic procedure performed to image the layers of the retina to determine the eye disorder. In this procedure, the beam of light is passed, and the reflection is calculated to determine the retinal layers.

Ultrasonography (B-Scan)

This diagnostic procedure is performed on the patient's eye to determine disorders such as cataracts and hemorrhage. High-frequency sound waves are used to determine the eye condition.

Visual Field Analysis

It is a common procedure practiced to examine the vision for dark spots and the power of the vision.

Common OPD Procedures

Lasers Pascal (Pattern Scan Laser)

Our Eye Hospital is equipped with an advanced Laser Photocoagulation System to diagnose retinal eye conditions. The PASCAL (Pattern Scan Laser) Photocoagulator is the latest generation of Vitreo Retina Eye diagnostic equipment, having significant advantages over conventional lasers.

This equipment increases the Retinal Eye Treatment efficacy and limits the patient's sitting for curing their illnesses. Lasers Pascal treatment provides comfort to the patients when the procedure is performed. The introduction of this laser equipment has aggressively replaced conventional lasers, which are preferred to Treat Retinal Eye Disorders.

Indirect Ophthalmoscopic Laser Delivery System (LIO)

It is a laser surgical device highly preferred in the treatment of peripheral retinal tissues. Our Vitreo Retina Surgeons have vast experience in performing Retina Surgery procedures with the assistance of an Indirect Ophthalmoscopic Laser Delivery System to treat conditions including Horseshoe Retinal Tear (HST), Lattice Degeneration, Retinal Holes, Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) or Pan Retinal Photocoagulation for Vascular Retinopathy in a hazy medium.


It is one of the procedure that are practiced in the treatment of retinal tears. In this procedure, a small section near the eyeball, which is positioned adjacent to the retinal tears, is frozen with the aid of an extremely cold probe, which creates a scar in the retina. The scar heals the retinal tear.


Our Retinal Eye Surgeons possess excellence in performing pneumothoraxy surgical procedures, which are preferred in Retinal Detachment Treatment. In this procedure, the gas bubbles are the form of medications that are injected into the eyes. These bubbles float to the detached section of the retina, and they serve the function of forcing the detached retina to its original position. This procedure has certain restrictions that require the patient to be in the ideal posture throughout the procedure. The condition is monitored until the retina is reattached to its position. Then the procedure is followed by cryotherapy to seal the retina against the detachment.

Anterior Chamber/Vitreous Tap

It is a diagnostic procedure that involves the collection of eye fluid to examine the condition of retinal infection and inflammation. Based on the test result, the treatment procedures are determined.

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