Best Age for Lasik Surgery

What is the Best Age for Lasik Surgery

Nov 29, 2023

It is a question that keeps running through the minds of every individual who wears eyeglasses. Yes! I belong to the group of people who have that idealism.

Discontinuing spectacles has been a dream since childhood. Lasik surgery is my redemption.

But it was too far away when I was doing my schooling. Unfortunately, I have been wearing eyeglasses since sixth grade.

“Oh god! Why me?” is the emotion and feeling that persisted in my heart every time I took off my glasses to wear them.

The Struggle

I could still remember the day when I felt the difficulty of seeing the letters on the green board. When I conveyed the struggles that I went through to my mom, she insisted that I change my place from the last bench to the first.

It was so hard for me, as my friends were having fun on the last bench. Yet, I changed my place. But it didn’t work out as intended. I faced difficulties irrespective of my sitting position

What next?

My parents decided to take me for a doctor's consultation. As a movie freak, I used to admire the actors who wore stylish spectacles.

At the time of consultation, the eye specialist examined me through a series of tests.

After going through the results, he concluded that I had contracted refractive errors. It’s myopia. The doctor prescribed me powered eyeglasses, which would help in sorting out the struggles.

Once done with the consultation, we went to an optical shop to purchase spectacles of my choice.


I felt the craziness to wear eyeglasses on the first day. As the days passed, I started to experience the struggles.

There were days when I forgot to take my spectacles to school. The entire day was like hell. At some point in time, I felt anger and frustration.

Jealousy is an awful characteristic, and it misguides. Honestly, I hate to exhibit and cultivate the personality trait of being jealous.

It was not due to the mockings; it was solely “fed up.” I used to feel that my friends were fortunate enough to have healthy vision.

They lived their daily lives without the necessity of wearing glasses. Also, there was no need for them to be careful when playing games.

I was completely jealous of them, but I didn’t express it.

After a Few Years

With God’s grace, I finished my schooling with good marks. Before reserving my graduation, I approached my eye doctor for consultation.

I heard great news from my doctor. I was so curious and excited to convey this to my parents. Do you have any guesses? Yes, you’re right! It was about the Lasik surgery, for which I had waited for many years.

Somehow, I managed to convince my parents to allow me to undergo laser surgery.

Why Now?

I, too, had the same question a few years ago. I’m the kind of guy who loves to know “why” it has to be followed.

At the time of the doctor consultation, I questioned my eye specialist about the right age to undergo surgery. I had hoped to undergo an eye operation during my schooling.

But, as per the norms and recommendations, I should be at least 18 years old, which is the eligible age to choose Lasik. What else can I do other than wait for the right age? So I waited.

Why After 18?

After the age of 18, the eyes will attain a complete growth level. Further changes won’t be observed.

Within 18 years, every individual will experience a biological change that might or might not affect their vision health.

Lasik surgery is considered a one-time surgical method. A candidate who has undergone surgery before age 18 has experienced a drastic change in their vision. The eye condition might lead to a contradiction.

These are the primary reasons why Lasik surgery is recommended for individuals after 18 years of age.

Any Other Factors?

Usually, an eye specialist looks for past data about the power of eyes. If the eye powers have been stable for the past few eye examinations and months,

Lasik surgery can be chosen. Luckily, my eye powers were stable before undergoing surgery. It was quite commonly practiced to ensure safe surgery.

The Golden Year

To me, the year when I attained the eligible age, every day of the week and month, is getting magnified with excitement as I wait for the scheduled date for Lasik surgery. Finally, the day commenced. I underwent laser eye surgery at Trinity Eye Hospital on the advice of one of my relatives, who underwent surgery quite a few months ago.

Haa! In every eye blink, I relished my freedom from eyeglasses. Seriously, life without spectacles is a dream that is highly worth having.

I started living my daily routine in a different universe. I started playing my favorite game without any struggles. I had a great time driving the bike during the rainfall. Complete freedom!

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