Feedback By P. Mangaladas

Trust me—If I put on records that genuine 101% medical care/attention is provided in Trinity I am not exaggerating. Trinity stands tall and class apart. This from personnel (right from days when Trinity was operating from stadium by pass rd) experience and from my family members/friends etc. It’s really awesome to see how well in a much disciplined manner and at the same time pleasantly the entire staff treats you. Right from Reception to the Surgery table the staff/system moves like ‘well oiled machinery’. Each and every dept in all floors deserves the credit. At times you get feeling that the staff is in competition within them in taking care of patient needs. The team approaches you with positive attitude. Excellent and well trained Nursing staff – Its amazing how professionally clinically they perform to fullest satisfaction of patients and the bystanders (counts lot) . Interacting is phenomenal,. Hospitality no words to pen it down. Ambiance is worth notable (proves not only hotels/resorts have ambiance effect but hospitals too can provide ambiance) Trinity got ample parking with a lovely cafeteria. And the usual pharmacy and optical. Vision nothing but the top priority of human life and when you return back from Trinity ( after getting treated) you know you have come to right place Doctors – they are very approachable and clear all your queries at ease. . Mind you the Doctors in panel is highly experienced and heir professionalism shows it all.. Great efforts by the Doctors which has to be sincerely appreciated. I had been to many hospitals in India and abroad (incl S.America) but our Palakkad Trinity — provides a wonderful /memorable experience. I would like to extend my sincere thanks (Muchas Gracias) to the concerned staff for their top performance specially nursing staff at the theater, but 2 names I would like to specially mention – Ms Sukanaya/Front Off and Ms Reena/ Counselor for providing their wonderful service. The Punch: When you lie down for surgery..the background devotional songs does have a soothing effect…and also the fact in mind – you will be operated by none other than Dr Mridula Sunil . Her humming to the tune of devotional songs and performing surgery to perfection relaxes you and if any tension remains that too vanishes. Because surgery is performed by extremely efficient and safe hands in Dr Mridula Sunil “”Excelente Calibre”” . Un gran Saludo (Hats off) to Dr Mridula for providing the best eye care facilities in Palakkad and I am sure Trinity will climb new heights. Outcome: I would love to award 10 out of 10 for Trinity for overall performance well led by Dr Mridula Sunil … Bravo. Regards Mangaladas

P. Mangaladas,