ERR_INTEGER_PARAMETER_EXPECTED 4063 Integer parameter expected. ERR_DOUBLE_PARAMETER_EXPECTED 4064 Double parameter expected. ERR_ARRAY_AS_PARAMETER_EXPECTED 4065 Array as parameter expected. Then, if you want to open a new order you will get a message that there is no connection. When you click on the strength bars you will see that there is no connection with ping time. In my case I have two connection points with different speeds.

The reason behind broker server error can be technical or human related, but you as a user cannot do anything about that. You cannot trade without Internet connection because the MT4 platform needs Internet connection to get the data from the broker server and send requests to the same server. That means you need to try to open a trade with a new price which is the same as the market price. If you do not change the entry price you want to open a trade you will not be able to proceed further with opening a trade. There is not currently a way to fix off quotes in MT4 mobile without reinstalling the app.

These can lead to a huge amount of lost opportunities, particularly if you are trading the lower time frames and need to react faster. For instance, you set 2 pips as a maximum deviation, which means you agree the execution price could be two pips, higher or lower than the requested price. It’s very rare, but the broker can have technical issues in connectivity and can be offline from several seconds up to several hours. This error isn’t up to you, so you need to wait until the problem is resolved.

This will help you have deviation on each trade you open next time. If you set 30 as I have set that means you accept a 3 pips difference on the market compared to the price you want to open trade. This scenario happens when there is high market volatility. You check the connection in the bottom right corner of the MT4/5 and you see red lines which indicate connection loss.

Perhaps you’ve opened a position trade, and it’s kind of running away with itself, and you’ve got multiple orders going in the wrong direction. After consistent profits form Forex trading for several years, I decided to share my Forex trading knowledge through articles, screenshot, and videos in this blog. Default settings of MT4 will be retired starting October 1, 2021. And we all make mistakes, sometimes on purpose and sometimes accidentally.

To close a position order in the MT4 platform, you need to navigate the Trade tab. Then, choose the trade you want to close, press the right button in the drop-down menu, and click Close order. It allows you to open multiple positions at once  News Feed Indicator and gives you access to a wide range of charts that allow you to keep track of all your positions at once.

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The built-in tick chart feature provides an accurate method for determining entry and exit points. With the rich functionality of MetaTrader 4 you can implement various trading strategies in the Forex market. If you are using EA(expert advisor) in trading the Forex market then you can fix the off quotes error by increasing the number of times the order is sent to the server. That way you increase the chance to open the order as the price changes on the market.

  • Generally, if the MT4 does not get the order price from the broker or liquidity provider, the quote won’t be displayed on the MT4 platform.
  • You can set the EA to close all trades before the news or any other event.
  • This makes it possible for the user to quickly identify key support and resistance levels that may help them make profitable trades or avoid losses in their portfolio.
  • Perhaps you’ve opened a position trade, and it’s kind of running away with itself, and you’ve got multiple orders going in the wrong direction.
  • This means that their order will get fulfilled regardless of the slippage amount that can take place.

EA can also be applied to a non-Forex pairs/instruments like Indices, Commodities, etc. A faulty internet is one of the leading causes of inaccurate quotes. If your MT4 platform loses internet connection shortly after placing an order, the error code 136 will appear. It also only takes a little while to turn your modem off and turn it back on again, which could also help do a soft reset to your internet. Have reliable brokers that have stable servers so you do not experience off quotes too much. You want a broker that can offer trading with the prices on the market without rejecting your trades when you want.

MetaTrader 4 Trading – Closing a Position

The Timed Exit EA is the most simple and easy to use app to close all trades automatically at specific time each day. You simple attach the EA to the chart window, input the time and EA will do the rest when that time comes. However, it can be super hard to have multiple trading positions open. So, with the help of the close all order script, you can automatically close all trades. Off Quotes message is a normal thing you will experience in trading Forex. Prepare your internet connection so it is stable and reliable because in trading it is important to quickly open or close the trade.

Learn How to Fix “Off quotes” MT4 Error in 55 seconds #shorts

Unless you utilize an additional tool, you’ll have to manually close all of your orders in MT4. MT4 does not allow you to pick all open orders and close them simultaneously. ERR_FUNCTION_NOT_ALLOWED_IN_TESTING_MODE 4059 Function is not allowed in testing mode. ERR_STRING_PARAMETER_EXPECTED 4062 String parameter expected.

With varied target and stop-loss settings, the breakeven is used to determine if closing all orders generates enough winning signals to be profitable. The level of the price volatility metric is called the standard deviation. The extent of the price rate concerning the simple moving average is defined with this signal. As a result, if such an indicator’s level is greater, the market is trending, and indicator values are spread close to the trend line. Your broker will become more lenient in placing your trade inside the deviation limit if you’re using a larger variance. If a price breach happens, the broker may be ready to offer you a bid price within the deviation range.

I think I’d be looking for a different broker, where is the advantage to you in this setup? To use Metatrader 5 on PC first download Metatrader 5 from the official website and install it on… Image below shows the price in the MT4 window for new orders with one price and another price on the market. When you lose internet connection you will have red bars indicating there is no Internet connection.

Imagine a scenario where you have open Metatrader 4/5 and you want to open a new trade. You see the right time to open a trade and you click on the Sell/Buy button. Let me explain these two errors with examples so you understand what is behind each error.