Contact Lens Clinic

Contact lens department at Trinity is well equipped to cater the requirement of all types of patients. We provide basic and various specialty contact lens including Toric soft contact lenses, Custom made lenses, Cosmetic (color contact lenses), which enables one to change the eye color we also provide daily disposable /monthly disposable/yearly disposable contact lenses.

Contact lenses are the smallest, least visible, the finest of all devices for correcting refractive errors of the eye. Prescribing and fitting contact lenses have become an integral part of today’s comprehensive ophthalmology practice. A majority of people use contact lenses for cosmetic purposes. Other reasons for wearing contact lenses include occupational preferences, sports and therapeutic use.

Advantages of contact lenses

There are several advantages of contact lenses and they are:
Fewer magnification effects
Decreased peripheral and chromatic aberrations
Increase decrease in aniseikonia and anisometropia
Good cosmetic appearance
Permits better correction for refractive errors that occur with keratoconus and irregular astigmatism
Safer for athletes and other sports people


Opitcal: Myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, presbyopia, aphakia, post keratoplasty, keratoconus
Orthoptic uses: Anisekonia, anisometropia, amblyopia (occulation)
Special uses: Albinism, aniridia, nystagmus with refractive error, coloboma, symblepharon
Therapeutic uses: Bullous keratopathy, cornealulcers
Prosthetic uses: Pthisical eye, corneal opacity, leukoma and corneal scars
Surgical uses: Corneal protection after surgery

There are several contraindications:

Dry eyes, lid problems such as active blepharitis, stye, chalazion, entropion
Acute and chronic conjunctivitis, corneal abrasions, hyphema, fifth cranial nerve paralysis, hypopyon uveitis and iritis
Allergies, uncontrolled diabetes, pregnancy period and pterygium

Types of lenses available are:

Soft contact lens: Flexible contact lens which fits properly in cornea, comfortable for wearing, adaptation time is less when compared with other types
Types of Soft Contact Lens available here are – daily, monthly and yearly disposables
Toric Soft Contact Lens are also available.
Cosmetic Contact Lens : It improves the appearance of face ( Color Contact Lens) by giving color to eyes
Bandage Contact Lens: it act as bandage in eyes, and help to cure wound, relive pain and help in fast healing.
Prosthetic Contact Lens: It is used to improve appearance of disfigured eyes (like corneal opacity)
X-chrome lens: Contact Lens color vision problem

Caring for your contact lenses & your eyes,

These steps will extend the life of your contact lens & protect the safety and health of your eyes.
Before handling CL wash & rinse hands
Dry hands with a clean towel
Keep your finger nails short & smooth
Use make up only after putting the CL
Never use tap water directly as lenses
Clean the contact lenses before putting the lens as well as after removing the CL
Change the solution in the contact lens care daily
If any irritation occurs, stop using CL & consult your ophthalmologist.